Yoonjeong Koh, Ph. D
  Yunjeong Koh received her doctorate at Seoul National University with a dissertation on the practice of integrated art education centered on performance art in the major of collaborative art education. As a guest editor, he planned publications and operated the 《Monday Salon》 program for about 3 years, and created a program called 《Criticism Bar》(2019-2020) to talk about current issues in various fields in the art world. Movement, which Koh have been personally intereted in and practices, becomes the foundation for a series of her recent curatorial practice. In 2018, he wrote a book called Performance Artist Recording in connection with the exhibition , and in 2022, he published a joint book, Who Forces Choice (Constructor) with researcher Dong-Yeon Koh. Exhibitions related to performance art include (Emu, 2019), (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, 2020), and (2021). 《The Gap Between Two Beats》 (2022), in particular, deals with the traces of the body and the rhythm of the city. In 2023, he is conducting research on how the form of performance and thematic discourses can meet. In addition, she is contemplating the sustainable artist's life of emerging and mid-career artists by collaborating with several small new spaces while running the 'Imi Group', which was created to improve the self-generation of artists and planners.
Yoonjeong Koh