Trio & Beats operates within a broad curatorial and research scope, encompassing various artistic disciplines and thematic areas. The organization is committed to curating exhibitions, events, and projects that explore diverse cultural expressions, contemporary issues, and interdisciplinary intersections. Within its curatorial practice, Trio & Beats engages with a wide range of artistic mediums, including visual arts, performing arts, film, video, multimedia installations, and more. The organization seeks to present thought-provoking and innovative artworks that challenge traditional boundaries and foster critical dialogue. In terms of research, Trio & Beats conducts in-depth investigations into art history, cultural contexts, and socio-political themes relevant to the artworks and projects it undertakes. This research serves as a foundation for curatorial decision-making, ensuring a well-informed and intellectually rigorous approach to their exhibitions and events.

- Modernism(s) in global perspectives
- Themes of Contemporary arts and culture
- Feminist Arts (Gender and Identity)
- Public (Participatory Community) Arts
- Interdisciplinary and Intersectional Art
- Film and multi-media Project
- Korean (Korean Diaspora), Asian, Minority, and Subaltern art